Saturday, 19 October 2013

Stats from Splashpath
Swimming the channel virtually:-
Complete - 55 %
22700 m 
I may have started this a while ago, but I'm determined to finish in France, lol, another level of brain training to get things finished :D
I went swimming with youngest today despite the dreadful downpour, well we were in the car so not exactly melting us, lol

Friday, 18 October 2013

And so begins another phase in my journey to small, it's been a while since I focused on health and wellness goals but the time has come. My friend has been persuaded to join Scottish Slimmers and I have to go too, lol, but it was quite low-key and lots of interesting food information, some of which I didn't know. Unfortunate discovery - changed battery in my food scales and they still flash error, must get new ones quickly :(
So the beginning of this phase see me weighing 1.5st down on the original ghastly weight and working towards getting shot of 10%, should be interesting to see how this goes :D